Aesthetic Research Tour 2.12.-3.3.2019

The Aesthetic Research Tour built in the Copper smithy in Fiskars will show Smith as the poetic artist that the sculptor / curator Martti Aiha has discovered going through his recently catalogued works. The visitor will be guided through the beauty of found objects and never ending curiosity – The poetry of putting things together in a way that makes us humans feel joy about this business of being alive.

The exhibition will be open 2.12.2018 -3.3.2019 wed-sun 12-17.

The exhibition is part of Howard Smith 90 jubileum supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Arts promotion Center, Sophie von Julin foundation, Vallila, Fiskars Village, Onoma and Kuparipaja.

Rubbish Philosophy 6-16.9.2018

Together with artist Howard Smith (born in 1928), Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom and Henrik Enbom’s Trash Design Collective will build an installation called Rubbish Philosophy. The installation will take place on the stage of Esplanad in Helsinki.  Based on trust between the blind artist and the designers, this multisensory artwork will make a spectacle of recycled materials and Smith’s work from the past 50 years.