Rubbish Philosophy 6-16.9.2018

Together with artist Howard Smith (born in 1928), Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom and Henrik Enbom’s Trash Design Collective will build an installation called Rubbish Philosophy. The installation will take place on the stage of Esplanad in Helsinki.  Based on trust between the blind artist and the designers, this multisensory artwork will make a spectacle of recycled materials and Smith’s work from the past 50 years.

Howard Smiths 90th jubileum

Howard Smiths 90th jubileum will be celebrated the whole year 17.4.2018 -17.4.2019 with a series of events in order to bring his art where it has never been. The project has been supported by Arts promotion center Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the City of Raseborg.